Aimee’s Recovery

Hey All, Joanne here. Sorry for the radio silence lately! We’ve been pretty busy here at Second Chances getting ready to rev up our fundraising. As you may know, Aimee got her lung transplant at the end of last month, so it’s crunch time!

Great news, Aimee’s been discharged from the hospital and is now staying with Carole at the apartment they’ve rented. She’s just started the rehab/physical therapy process. It’s a long and grueling process, and she’s far from out of the woods, but Aimee continues to amaze with her heart, spirit, and ability to keep going! If you’d like to send her some words of love, praise, hope, health, and healing, she’s got her very own e-mail address now at!

Make sure to keep your ears to the ground for some BIG THINGS coming in September!

We’ll be sure to keep you updated in the coming weeks, but until next time, here is a photo of Aimee and Trevor at Duke University Hospital post-surgery. She sure is a trooper!<3

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Aimee post-surgery