Putting in the work

I have been a very busy lady. We (Hubby and I) officially made the move to NC on the 1st. We are renting an apartment near Duke Hospital, for our time here.

The past few weeks have been packed full. I have had many different specialty and general doctors appointments. Along with tests at the hospital, in preparation for Transplant number two. I am in a pulmonary rehab program here as well, that I attend 5 days a week. They don’t mess around at Duke. They are keeping a very close eye on me, and making sure I’m staying in the best shape possible for transplant.

In regards to transplant timing, I have a bit of a wait. My doctor wants me to reach a couple goals before putting me on “the list.” She wants to see me making steady and continuous progress, at gaining weight. She wants me to keep my body strong with the Rehab program. And she wants me to complete some other specialty appointments at the hospital. I’ve managed to get all my doctors visits and tests checked off. I’ve managed to put a little weight on, and plan to keep pushing to gain more (with help from my feeding tube treatment). And I’ve been pushing myself at Pulmonary rehab, crushing my workouts. As this post title suggests, I am putting in the work, in all areas of my health. I have another round of check-ups with my transplant doctor on April 2nd. I am hoping that I have made enough progress at that point, for us to talk about getting me active on the transplant list.

That’s all I have for now. I will update again when I have anything new. As always, I am sending my love and gratitude to all of you.