In the Sun Journal

Recruitment Meeting

Second Chances wants to thank all of those who attended our Recruitment Meeting last night! We consider it a success and hope great things will come from our new volunteers. Already, new ideas have been generated and the board feels a sense of relief that we have more helping hands.

If you missed the meeting and would still like to sign on as a volunteer, contact us through this site or facebook and we’ll get back to you with information. Specifically, we could still use someone with a background in marketing and advertising, but any other skills are much appreciated and will be put to good use.

Please keep in mind that all our efforts at this time are aimed at Aimee Driscoll’s continued health, but in the future, we plan on continuing to help as many Cystic Fibrosis patients as we can.

Sun Journal

Also, thanks to a generous staff writer from the Sun Journal, another story has been printed about Aimee and Second Chances. Douglas McIntire took the time to attend our meeting last night to take notes and you can read what he created here. We truly appreciate help like this and are grateful that there are people like Douglas out there in the Twin Cities!