TADA!!! The long awaited update!

Hello, Hello, one and all!

It’s Aimee herself, posting an exciting update. We are getting back in to the swing of things, and updating/revamping the page!

I am terribly sorry about the lack of news, for so long. We have all been trying to manage multiple other things in life, and doing things behind the scenes. But it is high time to re focus.

I will make a long update on my current health status, recent adventures, and upcoming news later tonight.

But for now, let me just say, it is SO good to be back!

I love and Appreciate you all, more than you know. Your support has gotten me through my very toughest times, and continues to keep me going.

We are still fundraising, as the cost of taking care of these new lungs, and my overall health is just as important as getting the actual transplant! I still need to visit The Duke transplant center, in NC, for my check ups, and testing, and health management. I go about every 5 months if things are well, and more often if any health concerns arise. as you can imagine, it is costly, along with my meds, and medical bills.

I deeply appreciate all of you, who stick with me, and continue to follow my journey, and offer support and love.

I posted about our most recent fundraiser, coming up in October. You can find it under the events tab. Check it out, and sign up if you can. I am excited to reconnect with everyone. Look for my health update later tonight.

Love, Aimee