Event Planning Update

Here is a brief update on upcoming events the committee is currently working on.

We are in the process of securing a venue for our Second Annual Need 2 Succeed Obstacle Challenge. Last year was a great success and people requested a second run. We will have some confirmations and updated status in January and will have registration set up on the event site. Please watch, stay ready and share the word with friends.

For all of you folks who LOVE our bachelor auction, we have 10 bachelors lined up for you, all of whom are firefighters!! We are in the process of meetings currently to set a date and venue. We are also working on some interesting changes that will perhaps make dates more exciting. Our thoughts at the moment are for a Valentines date.

We have also had interest expressed in the past to host a Bachelorette auction and have a few females interested in being bachelorettes. We are certainly open to hosting this event. Second Chances is committed to hosting and presenting you with quality events and we are open to and interested in your interest and feedback or comments.

We are currently working on hosting a car show for the summer. Our very first event was a car show and we were successful and very thankful to Kyle and all of the car club support we experienced. Our first venue choice was declined so we are currently in the process of securing a venue and once we have that we will post dates, etc…

Please let us know what you think worked well in the past for events and any suggestions you have that might be helpful in planning our upcoming events. We would like to plan and host events that are tasteful, fun and original for our supporters and community.

We are also open to suggestions for events and participants who would like to help contribute to events in any fashion.

Thank you.