Season of Thanks

With the Christmas season fully upon us I would like to wish all of you a very happy and blessed season and hope you are able to enjoy Christmas and share the spirit of love with your families and loved ones. Never take for granted one year, one day or even one moment to share and express your love while you have the opportunity. We at Second Chances are very appreciative of the gestures of love you have bestowed on Aimee and us this year with all of your donations and everyone that has put in much time and physical effort to make our continued fundraising a success this year. We also welcome your charitable donations in the spirit of the season. We have had families and individuals send donations in lieu of exchanging a gift together and we are deeply touched. May you receive back tenfold the generosity and love your giving has bestowed. Rest assured that 100% of your donations are going directly to Aimee’s medical needs and care and that this alone has lifted a burden from her and her family. We are currently in the process of purchasing a medical bed as her lung volumes and breathing at nighttime as well as her digestion from her nighttime feeding tube will be more effective and comfortable for her with the adjustable mattress. Current donations will be contributed to this purchase.

Thank you

Carole and the Second Chances Foundation